Wot I have been doing (part 2)

Last week, for half term, we went to stay with Ninny and Pops while my big sister Issy was away. We did some good things, but one of the best of them was when we went to a pottery painting café and I painted a picture of me with lots of dots on it and a big FLO at the bottom. They kept it at the shop but they are going to make it all nice and shiny and I can bring it home soon and eat my toast on it if I like.


bisonbaby's half term holiday

Yesterday we went to Oxford, where we met smallclanger and my cousins, and we ran around in the sunshine and ate lots of yummy food and our dollies had a picnic too with a tea set and their own special biscuits. Afterwards I told my mummy and daddy that it was the Best Picnic in the World Ever.

This morning I had a parcel in the post! A lady who works in the museum in Southwold had found my dolly which I left there, worked out where we lived from a form that Ralph had filled in, and sent my dolly back to me. Not only that ... but she had made her a new dress! She said that my dolly had told her that she didn't like being naked all the time. She must be a very kind lady.

And today we are going to meet Pretty Lady and the Pretty Lady Man at Flag Fen. I like holidays!

How to spice up a boring day by bisonbaby

This afternoon I went to hostible, like Miffy in my book. I gave my mummy a big scare - an even bigger scare than when my brother had a pretend heart attack last morning - by going cold and floppy for a long long time, and then the doctor came and I was still a bit cold and floppy, so she called the ambulance. It didn't go nee-naw nee-naw but the man did have green trousers and a top, so I told him that and said snap, and he looked at mummy and asked how old I was, so I said eleventeen and they both gave each other a look and said that I was looking much better.

There were some nice people in the hostible who put a funny tight thing on my arm and asked me to say ahhh! and put a cold thing on my tummy. Then we went to another room where a lady put stickers all over me (I had put some stamps on my tummy this morning but mummy said they weren't stickers and got a bit cross) and some wires, and they took some pictures of my heart beat. We have a song at Music With Mummy about some chicks and their heart beats getting stronger in their eggs, so I thought the picture might have some chicks on it, but it was only some spikey lines. Then the really nice ladies said that I had probably just fainted for a long time and it might not happen again so we shouldn't worry, but if it does happen again I get to go in and have lots more tests. That sounds quite fun, really.
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Well, the birthday which I have been waiting for since September, when my cousin had hers, has finally come and I am now very, very big. My mummy has had eleventeen parties for me so far: one with Pretty Lady and the Pretty Lady Man on Saturday, where we had roast beast and I had lovely presents; one on Sunday with smallclanger and his family, where I had more lovely presents including a smallclanger jigsaw puzzle; and then on Tuesday (my real birthday) I had a CAKE! to take to playgroup with me, and when I got home there were balloons, and party food on the table, and three friends and their mummies and some games. I liked the party food, especially the cherry cakes!

Yesterday, because I am very very big, I went to play with my friend who has the same name as me, and I stayed for tea and didn't want to come home! I've never been to play on my own before, without my mummy, and it was Great Fun. When I got home my mummy had sorted out my toy chest and my kitchen and it's FABLOUS!
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